Chia pudding

chia pudding

How do you make chia pudding?

To make chia pudding, you really only need two simple ingredients: chia seeds and milk. I like using non-dairy options like almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk, but any type of milk will work. Once you have the basic recipe you can add spices, sweetener and toppings to really boost the flavor of your pudding! Why is Chia Pudding Healthy?

Is Chia pudding good for You?

But sweet, satisfying chia pudding offers more than convenience. It boasts all the nutritional benefits of chia seeds, such as fiber, protein, omega-3s, and antioxidants. Dig in. Not only is this such a healthy and easy recipe but its also delicious!

What are the best chia seeds desserts?

Find dozens of easy and delicious chia pudding recipes including chocolate chia pudding and chia pudding with berries. Chia seeds make great desserts and are high in omega-3s. This recipe is a healthy alternative to processed desserts. It uses agave (or stevia if you prefer) as a sweetener instead of sugar.

What is Chia nib pudding?

Chia seeds and flax milk make this creamy pudding a healthy snack. Easy to make in less than 5 minutes, this cacao nib pudding uses a blender to turn chia seeds into a creamy treat thats dairy free, vegan, and Paleo friendly. Glorious little pots of goodness!

But there are drawbacks too: chia seed has been shown to inhibit the absorption of certain minerals like calcium and iron; many people report stomach aches after eating this dish (though not everyone experiences this). What Does Chia Pudding Taste Like?

What is Chia pudding made of?

Are chia seeds good for dessert?

Chia Seed Dessert Recipes Chia seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients. They’re loaded with protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. Plus they’re packed with calcium, magnesium and manganese. They’re also gluten-free! When chia seeds are soaked in liquid, they turn into a decadent creamy texture that’s ideal for dessert recipes.

What is the healthiest Chia pudding recipe?

10 Easy, Healthy Chia Pudding Recipes That Could Pass for Dessert. 1 Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding. Credit: Jennifer Baker. View Recipe. Not only is this such a healthy and easy recipe but its also delicious! Its ... 2 Raspberry Chia Pudding. 3 Almond Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding. 4 Chia Greek Yogurt Pudding. 5 Cacao Nib Chia Pudding. More items

What is the best way to eat chia seeds?

Rustle up this simple ‘pudding’ for breakfast or dessert. Chia seeds are rich in protein, antioxidants and omega 3, as well as many other nutrients Combine the chia seeds, milk and 2 tsp maple syrup in a jar or bowl. Cover and chill overnight or for at least 8 hrs.

What are the best chia seeds to buy?

1 Best Chia Seeds: Viva Naturals Chia Seeds 2 Best Bulk Chia Seeds: Healthworks Chia Seeds 3 Best Chia Seeds In Jar: Better Body Foods Organic Chia Seeds 4 Best Chia Seeds for Smaller Servings: Navitas Organics Chia Seeds 5 Best Ground Chia Seeds: Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Chia Seed

And chia seeds absorb up to 10x their weight in liquid. Just soak them in your milk of choice and these teeny seeds transform themselves into a pudding with a consistency similar to tapioca. Sound easy enough?

What are chia seeds good for?

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