Cantina do avillez

cantina do avillez

Where to find Cantinho do Avillez Porto?

Rua dos Duques de Bragança, 7 1200-162 Lisboa Cantinho do Avillez Cascais + 351 211 389 666 Rua da Palmeira, 6 2750-133 Cascais Cantinho do Avillez Parque das Nações + 351 218 700 365 Rua Bojador, 55 1990-148 Lisboa Cantinho do Avillez Porto + 351 223 227 879

What is there to do in Bairro do Avillez?

Welcome to Bairro do Avillez In Bairro do Avillez there’s a surprising Taberna (tavern); a Páteo where seafood and fish are king; Mini Bar, a restaurant and gastro bar; and Pizarria Lisboa. All signed by chef José Avillez.

What to expect at Jose Avillez restaurant?

Famous chef Jose Avillez has trained his staff well. Warm welcome and charming seating. You MUST book or you may get a cold shoulder response. All the dishes are amazing. Only criticism -... do not order the giant pink prawns. It is overpriced and underserved. You get 2 small prawns with big heads in a bisque kind of sauce, with a bowl of rice.

Who is José Avillez?

Considered one of the great Portuguese Chefs, José Avillez stands out because of his enterprising spirit and his willingness to go one step further. José Avillez PT FR ES EN Home Work with us Contact us Cookie Recommend website Sorry, your browser cannot display frames! Sorry, your browser cannot display frames! The Address Magazine

How many restaurants does Jose Avillez have in Portugal?

A gastronomical tour around Lisbon often feels like a tour of Jose Avillez ’ many, many restaurants and venues. Justifiably so. There’s 16 of them, plus two in Porto, one in his home town of Cascais and one in Dubai. A whooping number for even the most prolific veteran chefs, let alone a 39-year-old with his whole career in front of him.

Who is journalist José Avillez?

José Avillez’s main focus is to promote Portuguese gastronomy and to contribute to making Portugal a top gastronomic destination. He’s considered one of the great references of gastronomy in Portugal and has stood out because of his enterprising spirit and his drive to keep pushing further.

What is Bairro do Avillez?

We move to Bairro do Avillez, an ambitious 3-way split spacious venue that brings together hearty traditional food ( Taberna), seafood ( Pateo) and deli ( Mercearia), plus a speakeasy style cabaret in a hidden passageway ( Beco ). It sounds like a stretch to pull that off, but somehow, it works.

How do I contact Cantinho do Avillez?

Cantinho do Avillez Chiado + 351 211 992 369 Rua dos Duques de Bragança, 7 1200-162 Lisboa Cantinho do Avillez

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