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How does Wolfram use computational intelligence?

Inject computational intelligence at every level, on every project. Wolfram uniquely unifies algorithms, data, notebooks, linguistics and deployment-enabling powerful workflows across desktop, cloud, server and mobile.

What is Wolfram?

Wolfram uniquely unifies algorithms, data, notebooks, linguistics and deployment—enabling powerful workflows across desktop, cloud, server and mobile.

Why enlist Wolfram for your next project?

Enlist the worlds computation experts to help with your project—any size, any level. Leading the world in transforming computational education—through pioneering initiatives and cutting-edge technology. Wolfram is more than a software company.

Can the Wolfram Language be used to teach kids to code?

There have been ways to teach the mechanics of low-level programming for a long time, but what’s new and important is that with all the knowledge and automation that we’ve built into the Wolfram Language we’re finally now to the point where we have the technology to be able to directly teach broad computational thinking, even to kids.

Is Wolfram|Alpha good for learning computational thinking?

Wolfram|Alpha is set up so anyone can ask it questions, in plain English. And it’s turned out to be great-among other things-as a way to support education in lots of fields. But if one wants to learn true computational thinking for the future, then one’s got to go beyond asking questions in plain English.

Why is the Wolfram notebook so important for kids?

And actually, it’s not just the raw language—and all the knowledge it contains—that’s important: it’s also the environment. The first point is that the Wolfram Notebook concept that we invented nearly 30 years ago is a really good way for kids (and others) to interact with the language.

Does the Wolfram Language Support Uniform deployment?

The Wolfram Language not only supports uniform deployment across a broad range of computational environments, but also the deployments to be described and programmed within the language itself.

Why choose Wolfram technology stack?

Absurdly Fast Development and Deployment The Wolfram technology stack makes it possible for you to develop and deploy a useful application in minutes—and build a major production system in days or weeks. More Deploy Anywhere & Everywhere

What can you do with Wolfram Alpha?

Let’s get curated data, natural language processing, text-to-speech, plot rendering and more from Wolfram Alpha into your next project! Anybody who at some point struggled with math knows Wolfram Alpha and was probably saved by its ability to solve any equation, plot any function or visualize logic circuits.

Why should I learn the Wolfram Language?

A key idea of the Wolfram Language is to maximize programmer productivity by automating as much as possible and by building as much as possible directly into the language. If youre doing algorithmically oriented programming, it simply doesnt make sense to use anything other than the Wolfram Language.

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