Le chat lisboa

le chat lisboa

Where is Lele chat in Lisbon?

Le Chat lies at one of the best spots in Lisbon, right by the beautiful Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and holding a wonderful view of Lisbon. It should be a great place.

Is Le Chat in Lisbon worth a visit?

Youll be mesmerized with the views and get a taste of more portuguese flavours. ;) Had a great night at Le Chat. Dinner with 18 business colleagues and we all had a great time. Location is lovely, food was great, staff very helpful and friendly.

Did you eat lunch here when visiting Lisbon in September 2019?

I ate lunch here (seeking shelter from the sun) while on a conference trip to Lisbon in September 2019. I had only one dish, and one glass of wine, but enjoyed my meal. Service was attentive, too.

What is Le Chat in Barcelona?

Found in the Jardim 9 de Abril park, pretty much next to the National Museum of Ancient Art, Le Chat is a day-to-night rooftop restaurant and lounge bar. While it might not feel like a rooftop from the street level entrance through the park, the opposite side of Le Chat is a completely different story.

What is Lele chat like to visit?

Le chat is an amazing place for a drink at the end of the day or breakfast in the morning. For dinner or lunch, the food is not exciting at all. The service is not very professional, although the waiters were all nice.

How much does it cost to eat at Le Chat?

If you plan to eat at Le Chat, the average price should be around €25. The average price is calculated based on appetizer/entrée or entrée/dessert, excluding drinks. Prices have been provided by the restaurant.

Where to eat brunch in Lisbon?

Feeling torn? Lisboa pastelarias serve fresh Pasteis de Nata all day long. In other words, you can eat brunch in Lisbon and enjoy a Pastel de Nata later that same day.

Where to eat in Lisbon in September?

You can’t come to Lisbon in September and not eat the best fish you’ll ever taste! There are two spots by the shore to get great fish: in Cascais, which used to be a fishermen village and still has restaurants with great fish. If you go a bit further towards Sintra, you can get great seafood as well.

How much does it cost to eat in Lisbon?

It’s a bit pricey, at €14, but worth it. Sometimes the local Portuguese restaurants also serve leitão as part of a set lunch menu. When it comes to the best cheap eats in Lisbon, the bifana sandwich has to be some of the best food in Lisbon.

How many days do you need in Lisbon?

Although Lisbon is a fairly compact city, there are some great attractions worth visiting just outside the city centre, and some fantastic day trips. I’d recommend at least 3 days in Lisbon to help you cover the basics of what the city has to offer and potentially squeeze in a day trip if you can.

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