Glamping revolution

glamping revolution

What is a glamping holiday?

Glamping is a luxury type of camping that includes facilities and accommodation considered far more comfortable than traditional camping. It allows you to enjoy the freedom and closeness to nature that camping affords, without the uncomfortable aspects! What exactly is glamping? – The camping revolution

What are the different types of glamping accommodation?

Due to its rapid popular growth, glamping covers a huge array of accommodation options including yurts, teepees, treehouses, Shepheard huts and much more. At Lantern and Larksglampsites, we offer a glamping experience like no other.

What is the difference between camping and glamping?

When you go camping, it usually involves packing your own tent, setting it up in the middle of nowhere and hoping it doesn’t leak. Glamping, on the other hand, means arriving to find your accommodation ready and waiting; usually a framed shelter with amenities such as electricity and running water.

Why Go Glamping with kids at Lantern and Larks?

Glamping at Lantern and Larks will be an unforgettable experience that will forge memories you and your fellow glampers will always remember and we suspect, have you visiting us time again. Exploring is a natural human urge especially if youre glamping with kids.

What is glamping or luxury camping?

Glamping, also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, is that escape you’ve been meaning to take. It’s that little break from the hustle and bustle. It’s a moment by yourself in a secluded tree house.

What is an eco-friendly glamping vacation?

Glamping accommodations, in most cases, take advantage of the surrounding elements, creating the best space for eco - friendly travel and sustainable tourism. Book your eco vacation in unique places to go camping around the world and fall in love with glamping!

What do Glampers expect from camping?

The type of thing glampers expect are electrical power, lighting, real beds, real linen, even private bathrooms and hot tubs outside. By providing these facilities glamping has opened up the camping experience to the mainstream that have been dissatisfied with it until now,...

What is it like to stay in a glamping accommodation?

With glamping, most accommodation will be equipped with some kind of heating, whether it’s a wood burning stove or underfloor heating, so you won’t have to worry about keeping warm on those cooler evenings.

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